Interior blinds

Aluminum blinds (Venetian blinds) are the classic and economic mode of protection from sunlight. They provide an alternative to classic curtains because of their simplicity and great blocking and letting in of sunlight. It provides a great range of light regulation modes, by letting in maximum light or completely blocking it out. The blinds can be either interior or exterior. Interior blinds have a depth of approximately 25 mm and can be adjusted in two ways – either by moving the cord up and down or using the handle which adjusts the angle of the plates of the blinds. Exterior blinds have a depth of 50 to 90 mm. They are adjusted exclusively using a handle or automatically. Both modes include the raising and lowering of the exterior blinds and the tilting of the blinds into a specific position or angle. The blinds are custom-made, while the broad range of colours offers countless possibilities when choosing a pleasant appearance for your home. They can be used with all types of windows, sliding doors and facades.


  • provide sunlight protection
  • provide privacy
  • aesthetically pleasing
  • economic
  • easy to handle
  • include a high-quality mechanism
  • provide a wide range of colours