Aluminum shutters

Shutters are practical decorative elements which respect tradition. Directly exposed to the elements they provide protection from sunlight, rain, salt, ice, snow and wind. Shutters are characterized by firmness, quality of production, insulation from light and moisture and ease of use.

Some of the advantages of aluminum shutters, in comparison with other materials, are the following:

  • longevity and resistance to all weather elements, a light yet very firm and sturdy structure
  • easy and practical use, cleaning and maintainance
  • possible adjustment of the movable plates to completely close the shutters
  • plates with rounded edges (modern design)
  • color of your choice (RAL color chart + spray painting + imitation wood)

The shutters are designed with movable and fixed plates. Shutters with fixed plates are positioned in such a way that there is a constant light flow of air through them, however, it’s not possible to completely close these shutters. Shutters with movable plates can be handled manually and can be installed directly onto a window, onto their own frame which can be positioned either all the way up to the window frame or in a straight position on the same level as the outer edge of the facade.

Depending on the design there are:

  • Tilt shutters
  • Folding shutters
  • Accordion-style shutters
  • Sliding shutters
  • Fixed shutters