UNI ONE Complanare

A window which COMPLEMENTS your everyday living!


ZERO means an ultimate design!

UNI ONE Termoscudo

TERMO gives you a wonderful sense of warmth

Wood-aluminum – UNI_ONE system

The UNI_ONE window system is designed for modern living. It is the best there is in terms of quality and aesthetics – it’s for those customers seeking the highest standards of excellence. The windows have great technical characteristics and top design and will protect you from extreme weather conditions, temperature variations, and noise and potential burglars. This perfectly designed carpentry will help you achieve harmony within the interior of your home.

The internal part of the window is made of wood, while the external part is made from aluminum.

Woods is a natural material with natural heat insulation, which will significantly decrease your heating and cooling-related energy needs.

Feel is a covering material made from pure cellulose obtained from deciduous trees, which is impregnated and treated with special varnishes without any formaldehyde. It is characterized by high resistance to wear and scratches, as well as by long-lasting colour in all weather conditions.

The aluminum from the external side is super resistant to weather conditions and water, is permanent and does not require additional maintenance.

The insulation glass is fixed onto the wood by gluing, making the wood more stable and resistant.

UNI_ONE windows were manufactured in such a way to achieve the greatest level of thermal insulation required for passive houses and even a level smaller than 0.8 W/m2K when necessary. This ensures our customers maximum efficiency in energy savings.

The profiles we use in the manufacturing of our windows are COMPLANARE, TERMOSCUDO and HSS ZERO.