Window screens

Window screens represent reliable protection against insects. The net of the window screen is made from glass fibre and is resistant to all of the elements. Because of the immersion profile you can barely notice the window screens on your window.

Window screens are divided into the following categories:

Fixed window screens which are installed directly onto the window’s frame and can be removed and put back on whenever you like. They are made from aluminum profiles onto which protective nets against insects are installed. The attaching of the net is done with the use of little hooks which allow the easy removal of the window screens. No need to drill holes for the window frame or do anything else. This is especially convenient when you need to clean the screen or remove it after use.

Roll-down window screens consist of an aluminum sprocket with a spring-equipped axis, an insect net and aluminum guides with little brushes which prevent tearing and damage to the net. They can be installed onto window frames and doors. Roll-down window screens are practical because of the spring which makes it easy to roll it up again, making these screens the most common choice for windows. They are the ideal solution for windows used in certain activities (for example when watering the flowers). The window screen rolls up with the net as if it were a roller shutter. The window screen need not be maintained.

Sliding window screens are made from an aluminum frame onto which an insect protection net is installed. The frame or the segment is mounted onto the aluminum guides installed around the door and can slide down them. The sliding window screen is ideal for sliding balcony doors and terrace doors.

Tilt window screens are constructed out of profiles which make a frame. A wing is installed onto the frame’s small hinges, which also contains the protection net against insects. The pant contains a spring which keeps the wing of the tilt window screen constantly closed. There is also a magnetic band providing additional help with closing the wing.