Roller shutters

Roller shutters come in the form of mounted-on or external boxes

Mounted-on boxes are PVC boxes for roller shutters with a height of 175, 205 and 240 mm. This is a new generation of state-of-the-art roller-shutter boxes. They’re simple to install in new and old objects, their rounded aperture is easily accessible and their staticity is excellent because of the stiffness of their steel and the externally mounted aluminum apertures. The boxes are resistant, do not change shape and are manufactured to match the windows and doors. They have great thermal insulation and soundproofing and can be easily recycled if required, thus preserving the environment. The roller shutters are quality shades that quickly and easily provide the necessary level of darkness to a space. They contribute to a greater level of thermal insulation and soundproofing, a full level of darkness, protection of the windows and doors, as well as to a more efficient anti-burglar system if the necessary accessories are obtained. Possible design includes internal and external boxes which are ideal for secondary installations. They are opened by using a cord, a handle or automatically.

External roller shutters come in the following sizes: 140, 165 and 180 mm. They are manufactured from aluminum. They are better than mounted-on roller shutters because they need little installation space. These roller shutters come in all of the colours of the RAL chart. Their rounded lid is always located externally.  They are opened by using a cord, a handle or automatically. A roll-on bug screen can be installed along with the shutter’s box.

Heat preservation

During winter a closed roller shutter preserves heat within a space. The heat loss through glass surfaces is reduced up to 30 % which significantly affects the reduction of heating costs.

Protection from the elements

A closed roller shutter is the best possible protection from wind, rain, snow, hail and too much sunlight.


A closed roller shutter provides significant protection from burglars. Potential burglars need more time to enter the premises, while the noise generated by attempts to remove the roller by laser or heat  is quite significant.


The PVC plates are extruded (squeezed) out of PVC granulates which dictates their quality and durability. They are one of the best types of shades (along with the aluminum roller shutter) when it comes to protection from sunlight, heat, cold, rain and snow. Our customers can choose the colour of the PVC roller shutters depending on their needs, however, we recommend that the colour be of a lighter shade as much as possible in order to avoid unnecessary wrinkling of the roller shutter. The darker layers of the roller shutters are more sensitive to the effect of the elements and these roller shutters wrinkle more easily, while their plastic parts stiffen more quickly, thus resulting in faster cracking. Therefore we advise you to use a lighter shade of PVC roller shutters!

The standard height of PVC plates (37 or 40 mm types) should not exceed 140 cm, otherwise the roller shutter will wrinkle more easily under the influence of the elements or some other force.

The expected product life is 15 to 20 years if the installation and use instructions are followed, which testifies to the product’s excellent quality.

Aluminum plates are manufactured from ready-made aluminum panels, filled with polyurethane foam of standard density and perforated.

The product material comes in a great selection of colours. It provides good insulation, its durability is over 50 years, while the quality of the colour applied by plasticisation is consistent during a period of 15 to 30 years.

The standard height of aluminum plates is 39 and 43 mm, while the recommended installation width is 180 cm and 220 cm – which, in addition to a significantly longer product life, makes this an even better option than the PVC roller shutter.

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