Confirmations and certificates

A confirmation is an inspection-related document produced after establishing the technological characteristics of certain goods (which proves its quality and is used to determine the origin of goods or is used as guarantee). As a document a certificate presents a statement that a specific type of goods has those technological and other characteristics which correspond to applicable standards or the expectations of the customers buying the goods.

Report on testing

A report on testing is a document in which the testing authority records the conducted experiments and testing. On the basis of the conducted experiments and testing, the report on testing delivered by the testing authority, as well as the professional analysis of the delivered documentation the competent organization or institution issues a report on testing or a certificate for a specific purpose.

Laboratory testing of samples

Laboratory testing of samples is conducted according to an established program which is created within the framework of the research activities’ program. Laboratory testing of samples can be divided into several groups of activities. Each sample entering the laboratory is assigned a code to keep track of it during all of the testing and to this end a laboratory keeps a registry of codes.

Certificate on technical specifications

A certificate on technical specifications is a document which stipulates the technical requirements that a product, process or service must meet. The technical specifications of a product reflect the actual needs of a user regarding particular equipment and define the necessary product characteristics. The certificate on technical specifications proves that a product is in accordance with the previously defined technical specifications.

  1. Statement on Properties
  2. Aluplast ID-4000 Confirmations
  3. Aluplast ID-5000 Confirmations
  4. Aluplast ID-8000 Confirmations
  5. Schüco ADS 70.HI Confirmations
  6. Schüco ASS 70.HI Confirmations
  7. Schüco AWS 70.BS.HI Confirmations
  8. Aluprof Confirmations
  9. Eltral PP Confirmations
  10. Grad-Export Confirmations
  11. Insulation glass Confirmations
  12. Maco RC2 Confirmations
  13. PVC window sills Confirmations
  14. SKS rolete Confirmations
  15. Kommerling VariNova Confirmations
  16. Heroal S57 Confirmations
  17. Heroal S77 Confirmations
  18. Heroal S77 HI Confirmations
  19. Heroal D65 Confirmations
  20. Heroal D72 Confirmations
  21. Heroal W65 Confirmations
  22. Heroal W72 Confirmations
  23. Heroal SL77 Confirmations


A certificate is an official confirmation that a person has specific knowledge and skills and that a product shows specific properties during testing. It is used to prove familiarization with specific products and technology.

Possession of specific certificates is sometimes necessary in order to be able to carry out an activity. Certificates are usually not related to knowledge of specific concepts and general knowledge and do not substitute formal education. Testing conducted to obtain a certificate applies to testing of specific products, procedures and technology.