About us

MARLEX d.o.o. (MARLEX Ltd.) is a factory for PVC carpentry, aluminum locksmith parts and insulation glass. The privately-owned factory has its headquarters in Varaždin and has been in business in 2003. Thanks to constant investments into the development of its technology and personnel the company has undergone fast growth and is one of the best and most successful Croatian manufacturers of PVC carpentry. The company operates within the whole territory of Croatia, while its products are also present in EU countries. Our business space encompasses 7000 m2 and is located at the address Kučanska bb.


Out of our wide selection of PVC profile we have chosen the ALUPLAST Kunstsftoff-Fenstersysteme profile, a renowned global brand of proven quality of the second largest global producer of PVC profiles. From the ALUPLAST profile product line we would particularly like to draw your attention to the IDEAL 4000 for entrance doors, the IDEAL 5000 and the ID 8000 CLASSIC LINE and ROUND LINE.

The IDEAL 4000 is a five-chamber system with two sealing mechanisms, the IDEAL 5000 is a five-chamber system of modern design with three sealing mechanisms, while the IDEAL 8000 is a new type of profile suited for passive and low-energy houses. The IDEAL 4000, IDEAL 5000 and IDEAL 8000 all have the following characteristics:

  • long-lasting – their PVC material is resistant to the elements
  • cost-saving – with their state-of-the-art thermal insulation
  • safe – with a large chamber in the section for inserting hardware parts
  • easy-to-maintain – with their smooth surfaces
  • eco-friendly – with their recyclable PVC material

In our finished PVC products we install the anti-burglar hardware parts of MACO, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers, which ensure additional security to your home or business space.

When it comes to glass we can install two-layer glass surface with Ug=1.1 W/m2K and three-layer glass surface with Ug=0.5 – 0.9 W/m2K, as well as other types of glass of various structures and shape according to your wishes.

Our PVC carpentry, aluminum locksmith parts and insulation glass is manufactured in a top-of-the-line production plant. We’re the leading Croatian company in terms of quality of machinery and for plastic masses and aluminum windows. We’ve modernized our manufacturing with a new product line from the renowned European firm ELUMATEC which present top quality in production of machinery for PVC and aluminum-profile processing.

We use the highest quality materials as our product components, our warehouses have the ideal amount of product reserves which make it possible to meet all your needs and orders within the shortest time possible. Therefore, we can meet any challenge and resolve any issue related to the requirements of today’s architecture.

With our quality products and services, affordable prices and most importantly the effort and contribution of our employee our company is both expanding its business activities and the number of its satisfied customers. Our satisfied customers who use our products and services come from all parts of Croatia. With our wide range of quality products and services we can meet all your demands and requirements and thus establish a business cooperation beneficial to both parties.